The realisation of Fans :O

2012-05-21 06:50:59 by KyraWolf289

Hey everyone!

So firstly, now that the new Oddball ep is out I just want to quickly thank everyone for the constructive comments and praise I've received. I didn't expect my voice to be as well received as it has! I'm currently working on a demo reel, but my mic is pretty shabby and I need a new one and to find an area to work with it.
Then today when I came online I discovered I have 13 fans which is an exciting prospect for me :D I don't however use my Newgrounds account very often because I'm more involved with other media and mostly use newgrounds as a platform to point people in the right direction! So if you're interested in seeing more stuff from me the best places to go are:

Twitter: @KyraWolf289
Youtube: ation_id=annotation_435161&feature=iv&src_vid=1Y xwP3CLFYg&add_user=kyrawolf289

They are the two main platforms that I use and will also contain links to other various sites that I'm on until I have the time to start on my blog.

I hope you all have a great day!


PS If you would like me to do some VAing for you then feel free to drop me a message :)


2012-02-28 18:07:49 by KyraWolf289

Well hello Newgrounds!

Not my usual scene, must admit, but it is fun to be starting out in a new community!
If you want to find me anywhere else, I'm hiding in various places on the internet check these and you might find me!

I hope for Newgrounds will be a platform to show people my interests within the video and art community and I am looking forward to making new friends here.
The following services I offer:
- Voice Acting
- Script/Other Lit Proofreading and Editting
- Script Collaboration

If you have an idea in mind but need a script I'd be happy to help, if you have a script but need it checking, I can do that too!
Or if you're ready to go and need a voice actor then that too, I can do!

In the next few weeks, I'll be working on a showreel for you guys to show the range of voices I can attempt and if what you're looking for isn't there then feel free to ask and I'll be sure to give it a go!

For now you can look at my previous experience working with Kreid Clayos on his animations!
I have voiced/am voicing:
Redi Halsey - Oddball
BB - Flintlock

Peace out!